Steps On How To Tune A Guitar

Today we’re going to learn how to tune your guitar very easily with my guitar that’s in tune here. I’m going to show you how to do this. Very simple very easy. So get your guitar out you want the thickest string at the top and you went to the thinnest string towards the bottom. Okay, if you’re not playing your guitar that way that’s okay.

Getting To Know The Strings

Just know that we’re starting with the thickest string, okay. Okay. Now the strings are named EADGBE. So if you’re using a tuner you can remember that Eddie ate Dynamite. Good bye Eddie. I cover this in other blog posts in more detail at your guitar 30. I have a 30 lesson series there that you can get for free absolutely free along with a bunch of other beginner lessons and that sort of thing.

So check that out in a more detailed version of this as well. So we’re going to start with this E here so you want to pluck your E string? Turn this tuning knob until it sounds the same.

Listening To The Notes

If you hear a lower note, obviously, you want to crank the pitch to where it gets higher in Pitch. If it’s higher drop it lower so hum the two notes and then whatever your pitch is that will give you an idea. This is where we start learning about your training. So here we go e a d g B and E. Now, obviously if you need more with this, you can always read the steps again obviously and just get that guitar in tune.

Okay, it is a simple process that sometimes it takes a little bit of extra listening. So really focusing in on the sound and you’re going to get better with this in time. Everybody’s ear in the beginning is not very good but with I’m you’re going to get better at this. All right, my friends. I want to help you with anything that I can in regards to guitar.